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TCF Sioux Falls

tcf sioux falls tcf sioux falls
When TCF Bank approached Catalyst Exhibits with their Sioux Falls renovation project, the award winning exhibit design firm didn’t hesitate to accept the challenge. They knew that completely renovating a 41,000 sq. ft. warehouse to create a fully-functional call center and training facility was well within their capabilities.

Utilizing an in-depth knowledge of design, Catalyst created an amazing custom layout for the Sioux Falls facility. The firm’s in-house team of designers focused on the needs of the facility, both known and anticipated, to fashion a comprehensive layout that included designated training rooms, a conference room, a nesting room, as well as several additional office areas.

Through meticulous planning and logistics, the new layout was executed flawlessly from start to finish. It was this commitment to detail and expediency that allowed Catalyst Exhibits to complete TCF’s renovation project not merely on schedule, but ahead of schedule.


tcf sioux falls tcf sioux falls

In the business and financial world, first impressions are lasting. Knowing this, Catalyst put careful consideration into the design of the reception area and lobby, turning the drab and outdated space into something much more inviting.

The deep blue of the new carpeting compliments the warm paint colors on the walls to provide a rich and comfortable feel. The sleek wood paneling behind the reception desk is featured throughout the building to tie the polished design together. A new reception desk with a beautiful granite top, a plasma TV for promotional use, and revamped lighting combine to give this space the perfect glow to greet visitors upon their arrival.

Hallway Lobby

tcf sioux falls tcf sioux falls
The plush carpeting from the reception area extends and through the hallway lobby, where comfortable leather chairs await to receive visitors. Two handsome doors were installed to give direct access to the new executive board room.

Executive Board Room

tcf sioux falls tcf sioux falls

Catalyst’s design called for improvements to the basic components of the room – an overhaul of the ceiling tiles and lighting fixtures, plush carpeting to replace the cold concrete floors, sleek wood paneling on the walls – as well as the finer details that make this new executive board room so spectacular.

Gleaming TCF logos on the walls, contemporary tables & chairs, and improved audio/visual equipment add finishing touches to the board room, situating it as an ideal place to host important client meetings. The inclusion of a room-dividing folding partition allows for flexible use of the space should additional clients need to be accommodated.


tcf sioux falls tcf sioux falls
Because Catalyst was starting with a warehouse layout, plans for the Operations area required a whole new mechanical setting – an HVAC system, ceiling grid & tile, fire & sprinkler systems, and lighting all needed to be installed before the walls were painted and carpet was put down. After reworking the layout of existing cubicles from the client’s Illinois location, quickly reinstalling computer and IT systems, TCF’s Operations facility was fully functional and back online.

Call Center

tcf sioux falls tcf sioux falls
Although TCF’s Call Center didn’t require the same in-depth reconfiguration as Operations, the facility still gained to benefit from Catalyst’s up to date design plans for it. Fresh paint on the walls and new carpeting give the room a cleaner look. After reinstallation of the cubicles and computers from the previous location the call center was quickly operational.

Lunch Room

tcf sioux falls tcf sioux falls
To create a more pleasant eating environment, Catalyst chose a vibrant paint scheme for the walls of the lunchroom, replaced worn carpet with easy to clean VCT tile flooring and installed a selection of vending machines. In short order, tables and chairs were reinstalled and employees were introduced to a fresh new dinning facility with minimal downtime experienced.

Kitchen & Prep Room

tcf sioux falls tcf sioux falls

In addition to the new lunch room, Catalyst demolished an existing wall to allow the kitchen area to be expanded. This also allowed for the creation of a prep room, complete with plenty of counter space, three refrigerators, five microwaves, and ample storage, all of which will come in handy when preparing for lunch meetings and events.

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