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3 Differences Between Tradeshow Exhibit Designers And Booth Manufacturers

Trade show marketers have a wide variety of needs.  The company size, show size, booth function, and many other factors determine the needs for each exhibitor.

A “one size fits all” approach will not consistently deliver quality results.

Make sure you know the value of working with exhibit designers who can help you strategically craft a unique and effective exhibit for your shows.

1) Marketing Strategy

When you work with exhibit designers you employ a team of marketing experts, helping you identify your product’s value proposition and communicate that value through strategic design.

Custom exhibit design allows you to highlight your product’s strengths, creating an attendee experience that makes a lasting impression. Custom exhibit design allows you to craft the customer journey as attendees move through your exhibit.

Too many exhibitors wander into a show without any defined goals or objectives. Your trade show marketing partner will help you create measurable goals and will align interactive design elements to specifically accomplish them.

Team of Exhibit Designers Draws Booth Concept

2) Finding The Right Solution

When you work with booth builders, its your job to find a pre-constructed design that fits your needs. Even after hours of searching through various catalogs, you still can’t know that you’ve found the best solution for your needs.

When you work with exhibit designers, the best solution comes to you. The solution is crafted to your needs which will drive higher ROI.

3) Product Centered vs Structure Centered Design

When your potential clients are walking a show floor filled with hundreds of exhibitors, the worst thing you can do is blend into the crowd with a “cookie cutter” booth build.

Not only will an unique look help shape an impactful brand experience, but simply put – it will help you stand out, which is an invaluable component that can’t be overstated.

Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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