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5 Best Techniques To Promote Your Exhibit After The Trade Show

Once the trade show is over, it can be tempting to pack up and move on to the next one. Many exhibitors miss the opportunity to continue generating value from their exhibit long after the show. Here are some simple cost-effective opportunities to keep your space in front of your prospects’ eyes and get the most return from your exhibit.


Getting professional photography of your exhibit is one of the simplest – yet most overlooked –  opportunities to drive value from your exhibit after the show. Your post-show effectiveness is completely dependent on the quality of content you have from your booth. Photography is the most significant piece to this content, with video rapidly approaching in demand.

Top tier exhibit houses will have photography done for you, but many do not consider post-show promotion part of their business, so make sure you’re not missing out.

Press Release

Once you have great shots of the booth, tell the story. Talk about the purpose of the show, the design and function of the booth, and the results you had.

These types of press releases will not only be great for internal awareness, but it also demonstrates to any prospecting client on your website that you are an active, thriving company.

Social Media

Every marketing team faces the struggle of finding content to share on their social platforms to generate awareness without becoming “spammy.” Live content from the trade show is the best content your booth will generate, but a close second is professional media with a reminiscent caption after the show.

You can usually pull content from your press release to create a 2-3 piece post-show social campaign.


You’re reading this right now because blogging is becoming the most effective way to drive online traffic through SEO. If your company is not blogging at all, I would encourage you to fix that yesterday.

If you are actively driving leads to your page through fresh content on your blog, then a more public-friendly version of your press release is a fantastic piece of blog content with very little creative effort required.

Exhibit Awards

This is another opportunity that will be spearheaded for you by quality exhibit design houses. There is usually a cost to enter your booth into these contests, but with great photography/videography and a compelling story, you could find yourself swimming in publicity after nabbing the latest exhibit award.


Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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