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Basic Design Tips for Your Next Trade Show

interactive exhibit designYou may have a highly innovative product that has the potential to change the market and become a household name, but if your marketing strategies are poor, it is unlikely that you’ll make it far. Trade shows are the perfect venue in which to show off your brand, so the design of your trade show exhibit display is essential. A booth design company can help you take your display beyond the basics in order to profoundly impress and engage potential consumers. To get started, check out the following tips that every trade show participant should know.

Basic Design Tips for Your Next Trade Show

    1. Use the right font: Readability is partially determined by the typography. In order to attract visitors to your booth and hold their attention, your information must be easily understood. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica are regarded as the most easily read. Font size is important, as well. The best technique is to add an inch to the font for every foot away the viewer will stand. For instance, add 10 inches to the font size if you expect your viewers to read your text from 10 feet away.


    1. Consider image placement and volume: A general rule to remember about exhibit booth design is to use blank space to your advantage. Graphics space should be 40% empty. Long-range graphics should be placed as high up as possible; medium-range graphics should be just above the average viewer’s eye level; and short-range graphics should be placed within five and six feet above the floor.


  1. Make it interactive: The average viewer will spend approximately three seconds looking at an exhibit before moving on if something does not catch her eye. An interactive exhibit design will draw a larger crowd and engage those who may not have otherwise considered your product. As people approach your booth and learn about your product in a hands-on fashion, they will get an experience that will establish an emotional bond between the product and the consumer. After engaging with an interactive exhibit design, the viewer is likely to remember your product or brand in the future, and to share the experience with others.

With a professional designer, you will learn more about the above techniques along with many more invaluable marketing practices. These designers have the experience and knowledge about graphic design marketing needed to identify and display your product’s strengths, and to make yours the most memorable booth at the trade show.

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