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Welcome to a place where excellence meets excitement.

We believe being a great place for clients starts with being a great place for employees. We redefine what it means to invest in our team, and watch them reach unrealized potential.

These four words are the primary factors for our success.

We believe the four words: Quality, Efficiency, Innovation, and Growth are at the core of who we are. These values are not only aspirational, but can actually help direct your decisions day-to-day as well as in a crisis.

Quality  The quality of this company is only as high as its lowest point.

Efficiency  Finding the greatest amount of return per investment.

Innovation  Limitations can be overcome through creativity.

Growth  Accidental growth is the exception, not the rule.


Catalyst  The act of inserting Catalyst as a marketing partner into your brand to affect change.

Redefine  We help you define your marketing objectives, and then redefine your space to accomplish them.

Marketing Space  Whether it’s a specific exhibit, the general market, or the client’s customer base; we affect change where it counts.