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Do You Make These 3 Mistakes In Trade Show Marketing

If you’ve been exhibiting for any length of time, you know how overwhelming the process can be.

From the logistical challenges to the marketing strategies, trade show managers can quickly find themselves bogged down with details. When this happens, it can be easy to miss some major opportunities to drive value in your exhibit.

Here are 3 common mistakes we see trade show managers make leading up to the show.

1) Defined Goals For Your Booth

Many times, companies exhibit at shows without any thought to what they hope to accomplish. It is a very sales-based way of thinking, but the trade show industry should be approached with a marketing mindset.

Everything from the booth design to the graphics should be strategically aligned based on the products you are promoting, where they are in the product life cycle, and where you want them to go.

2) The Message

One of the leading causes in poor results from exhibiting is the message. So many exhibitors assume they will get traffic, and assume attendees will seek out information on their product.

When you are designing your exhibit, put yourself in an attendee’s shoes that has been walking by hundreds of exhibits. Craft your message to explain how your booth is specifically relevant to them, and has unique value to offer.

3) Audience Awareness

Every industry has sub-markets, while some have sub-sub-markets. Make sure you have defined your target market with as much specificity as possible, because a better targeted audience leads to more effective messaging, which leads to more value from the show.


Jordan Stocker

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager



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