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Environmental Graphic Design

  • Our approach to EGD is to find ways to communicate clearly, imaginatively and effectively.

Environmental Graphic Design Overview

Every space has something to say and simple branded content cannot compete with true narratives that move and inspire consumers.

Our Environmental Graphic Design team ensures that our designs deliver beautiful environments designed with a sense of purpose, discovery, and clarity.

Few exhibit companies offer the resources we do. Our interdisciplinary design approach and experience in vivid 2D, 3D graphics, 2D and 3D Motion Graphics and animation provides you virtually unlimited options for expressing the voice of your brand.

What We Do For You

After discussing your brand personality and marketing objectives, we employ our multi-disciplinary design teams to create a space that communicates your story, informs attendees, and activates space for efficient navigation.

If you already have graphics that you want to use, we can integrate or modify those existing graphics to meet the project requirements.