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Exhibit Rentals & Trade Show Rental Booths

  • Husky Trade Show Exhibit NPE 2015 - Front Right Side of the Booth

    Our rental design solutions gives our clients the flexibility to expand, create, and scale exhibit elements.

  • Mede Analytics Trade Show Exhibit HIMSS 2015 - Front view of the booth
  • Dell Trade Show Exhibit HIMSS 2015 - Back Left Side of the Booth
  • RSA Trade Show Exhibit RSAC 2015 - Inside of the Booth

Catalyst Exhibits: Elite Exhibit Trade Show Display Rentals

Rental Exhibit Solutions Overview: We Do “Rental” Differently

If you think back to the best and worst trade shows you’ve attended over the years, no doubt only a handful of displays stick in your memory: the good, the bad, the bored “booth babes,” and the ugly. The best trade show booths don’t just stand out from the crowd, they also draw you into their marketing space with a unique visual design. Meanwhile, the worst booths are so drab and unoriginal that you hardly even notice they’re there at all. The companies with the worst booths aren’t just lazy or uninspired, they also don’t know how to stretch their trade show budget far enough.

That’s why we have created a unique Exhibit Rentals Program that allows our clients to customize existing displays with their own unique marketing goals and messaging as their brand evolves. When you need to do more with less, Catalyst Exhibit’s trade show display rentals also allow you to easily customize your space from show to show.

When you choose trade show rental booths and exhibits, you receive exactly the same in-depth design process as clients who have purchased exhibit elements. All of the same marketing planning, design strategy, branding, and problem solving is put into motion for your industry leading marketing space.

And if you think that choosing trade show rental displays means settling for less, then that’s because you haven’t seen our portfolio yet. Whether you choose to rent or buy custom exhibits, we will work with you to create bold, interactive exhibit designs that are as professional as they are totally awesome.

To learn more about our different types of trade show rentals, click here.


The Big Picture: The “Scalability” of Our Rental Exhibits

You may not always have the budget to purchase a new exhibit for every event. By renting some or all of your booth elements, you can invest the reduced cost in new custom designs for future shows. By leveraging rental exhibit solutions, every custom exhibit design can be scalable, flexible, and adaptable for any venue, audience, or shift in strategy.

Our exhibit rentals program provides you with endless ways to fulfill your needs without blowing your budget. Contact Us before your next show to find out how you can make a big impact on your customers with our custom exhibit rentals.