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Featured Project: RSA – Virtually Unreal

RSA, The Security Division of EMC had one main goal in mind for RSAC 2015: to “REDEFINE.” Their booth needed to push the fact that they are up to a lot more than their vastly popular ‘RSA SecurID’ , a product that has been a stalwart of the company’s for years. By developing a booth with intense architecture and the bold graphics, the message was spread: RSA is not a just a token company.


Primary Objectives:

The primary objective: to change how people perceive the RSA brand and their line of products. It was essential that attendees saw that RSA has more to offer than the things that made them a household name. Through a custom virtual reality experience and aggressive graphics that promoted the company’s new direction, attendees left the trade show with a deeper impression of who RSA was and what they could offer.

Target Audience:

The booth was designed to attract all security specialists, and rather than merely targeting senior decision makers, we won the hearts of those who work in the trenches with a highly technical presentation that engaged the experts in the room. Trying the Oculus Rift game or sitting through a theater presentation sparked a thought and encouraged a more in depth product demonstration.

RSA Exhibit

The Solution:

Capturing the attention of attendees is imperative for conveying the message, and the RSA booth set out to do that a number of original, interactive, and therapeutic ways. The two primary incentives were an enclosed theater and the Oculus Rift video game.

The enclosed theater gave a cinematic presentation of RSA’s new featured services; attendees were left feeling excited and intrigued after enjoying a 5 minute engaging and informative video. Once they emerged from the theater, they had the opportunity to experience RSA’s new offerings in a custom-built video game that utilized the Oculus Rift technology and immersed attendees in a virtual world, where only RSA’s newest technology could bring home the win.

After the two primary draws to the booth, attendees enjoyed a modern lounge atmosphere. The information desk was designed like a bar from a high-class nightclub, and as a gift attendees were armed with toy light sabers, which may have incited a few spontaneous duels on the show floor and were sure to be a hit back home.


Interactive Technology:

The most innovative part of the entire exhibit was undoubtedly the virtual reality experience created by Catalyst in partnership with Sprout Concepts using Oculus Rift technology. Attendees put on the Oculus headset and were immediately transported from the show floor to a 360-degree alternate reality, in which disaster was imminent and a heroic rescue was necessary. In the game, users are a member of RSA’s Incident Response Team, and it’s their job to protect and secure the network from vicious malware and phishing attacks. The virtual reality experience was developed to communicate RSA’s service and value proposition through game mechanics and nuanced themes. This part of the exhibit had an eager line of attendees waiting to give it a try the entire show, and the objective to redefine RSA’s image was accomplished.

Watch the video below for a behind the scenes look at the Oculus Rift game for RSA.


Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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