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Intel Sets The Bar High For Interactive Exhibits

In most consumer’s minds, virtual reality has been predominantly seen as a fun gimmick with little staying power. Well Ubisoft has taken the next step with VR and created a gaming experience that is changing perceptions around this developing technology. You can see a trailer for the new title “Star Trek: Bridge Crew” in the video below.

When Intel wanted to demonstrate the processing power of their newest chips, Bridge Crew was a natural choice given its graphic demands, the excitement surrounding the title, and the visual and interactive element attendees would experience. Intel created a small bridge-like space where groups of four attendees could work together to pilot the USS Enterprise, completely immersed in a virtual galaxy. Here’s a look at one of Intel’s exhibits utilizing this concept.

Intel worked with us to incorporate a slightly different design for the exhibit at PAX West. This show featured two different crews running simultaneously in a space that was more isolated and immersive.

By simply hosting sessions of Bridge Crew all show long, Intel was able to generate massive traffic and press around their space, as well as give participants an experience that is memorable and shareable, which is really what most exhibits are striving for. Granted, most industries and brands need a more product centered interactive experience like RSA did, but the point is that an interactive component to your exhibit can drive significant value almost on its own.

Star Trek Bridge Crew Trade Show Exhibit


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Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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