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Graphic Designers Understand Trade Show Psychology. Do You?

trade show exhibit design

At a trade show, the average visitor spends over nine hours looking at exhibits. After a while, they may all start to blend together. So, what can your business do to make sure your trade show exhibit design is recognized and remembered?

It all comes down to design. Graphic designers study the psychology behind visual imagery: how a certain color can provoke a particular emotion, or which patterns and typography will attract the viewer’s attention. This is all a part of graphic design marketing, and for the best results, a business should work closely with a custom exhibit design company.

Trade show exhibit display designers have extensive insight regarding the complex science of visual imagery. Here are just a couple of their tricks for custom exhibits.

  • Typography: Fonts don’t just stand there and look pretty; they do a whole lot more than you would expect. Choosing the right font is essential as it sends a message about your brand. Each font has a distinct personality, and you need to choose the one that best represents your company. However, even more important than personality is readability. If your display is difficult to read, visitors will simply move on to the next one. Potential consumers will not go out of their way to learn about a product if there are hundreds more to consider. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica are considered the easiest to read, and may be the best option if your brand’s personality doesn’t call for something wildly different.
  • Graphics: We love pictures, but too many graphics will make your exhibit booth design look muddled and sloppy. The overall rule of thumb for trade show graphics is that there should be 40% empty space. Use only a few graphics surrounded by blank space; the blank space will direct the eye to the images, allowing viewers to really see them without distraction. Keep it simple. Choose only a few images to highlight.


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A trade show exhibit design must be carefully planned and crafted to feature the most important aspects of the brand and clearly communicate your message. It needs to be easy to see, read, and understand because trade show visitors are not going to take the extra time to do the work for you. Ultimately, if you’re not working with a graphic designer, you’re not setting yourself up for success.

Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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