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Here’s How to Stand Out a Trade Show

trade show exhibit display

In the United States, trade shows are a big deal. There are thousands of trade shows that cover hundreds of topics from entertainment to engineering, health to real estate, multimedia to apparel, and everything in between. The average visitor at a U.S. trade show spends about nine-and-a-half hours viewing exhibits, it’s very important to stand out at these exhibits if you want to succeed.

The trade show exhibit display is very important when trying to stand out at a trade show. You have to be aware of all your display booth designs, the graphic design marketing strategies for your entire company, how easily your visitors will be able to determine what your booth is offering, maintaining a welcoming environment, and many more factors.

  • Trade Show Graphics — Typically, having three types of graphics for your trade show exhibit display is the norm. You’ll want short-range graphics, medium-range graphics, and long-range graphics that visitors will be able to see and interact with from all over the floor. Regarding white space, there should be about 40% of blank space on your graphic display. This makes your graphics stand out more and allows for visitors to get a better feeling for your graphics as well as your display.
  • Display Font — It may not seem like an important factor but the type of font you have on your display at a trade show can really impact your performance. A good rule of thumb for font size is to add one inch of height to the font for every foot away that a visitor will stand. So if you think visitors will be standing 10 feet away, for them to be able to read comfortably, add on 10 inches to the size of the font. It’s important not to use more than two or three types of fonts as well. Your logo graphic might have a certain font already, so be careful not to overdo it with various types of fonts.
  • Display Height — Be sure to know the trade show rules and regulation limits, but if you display long-range graphics as high as possible, your display will only benefit.

Obviously, you have to be able to offer quality products, information, or services, but focusing on the aesthetics of your trade show exhibit display can give you tremendous results.


Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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