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Interactive Exhibit Design

  • CDW Trade Show Exhibit World Routes 2014 - O'Hare Map in the Booth

    At Catalyst, we are constantly exploring innovative new ways for brands to create exciting experiences.

  • Catalyst Exhibits - Interactive Trade Show Booth

Interactive Design Overview

Attract. Excite. Impact.

Every branded environment delivers an experience.

In order to stand out and be remembered in your consumers’ hearts and minds, brands and spaces need to create lasting impressions through connected, impactful, experiential marketing.

Our internal Interactive Design team enables personal connections between brands and consumers by creating real-life experiences that are worth sharing. These experiences combine digital and real-world connections to create stronger memories and emotional bonds between brands and consumers. We’re tapped into the pulse of developments in the tech world, and have the team of experts to leverage that technology in your marketing space to creatively engage attendees.

Interactive exhibit design tech creates a great experience during the show, but the show floor isn’t the only place to leverage its value. We also provide a full range of lead/awareness generation services before the show, and lead conversion services afterwards.

Acorda Interactive Video Game