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Program Management

  • Siemens Heathineers Trade Show Exhibit AACC 2016

    We become partners with your brand and drive success in your trade show campaigns.

  • St. Jude Trade Show Exhibit HRS 2016
  • Zimmer Trade Show Exhibit AAOS
  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit RSNA '14 - Front Left of the Booth

Program Management Overview

Turn-Key ROI

Managing one trade show can be overwhelming. But due to the incredible marketing opportunity that trade shows provide, most brands aspire to have a presence at as many shows as possible. Managing these events becomes exponentially more challenging as the number of shows increases, resulting in many synergies and cost savings being missed due to lack of experience.

Catalyst brings over 20 years of experience in the industry to the table, and partners with your marketing team to create one trade show campaign that collectively addresses marketing objectives and utilizes all possible efficiencies.

The result is a turn-key program that empowers your team to focus on your brand, and a trade show program that is efficiently driving ROI and brand growth.