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Should You Hand Out Promotional Products At Your Exhibit?

We’ve all been to an event where we’ve collected three handfulls of branded products, and hours later had our trash bins filled with frisbees, bags, and folders. But is there any value to these branded products, or is it an outdated marketing strategy that has lingered far too long in exhibitor’s arsenals? As with any form of marketing, there are successful and unsuccessful approaches, but let’s evaluate the value of this long-standing method.

Marketing Value – The numbers are in. Promotional products generally offer better ROI than more typical forms of advertising. Cost per impressions are usually far lower and, depending on the industry, response percentage can be much higher. Most marketers think of these products as a one time impression, but it’s the ongoing impressions that give promotional products its unique value.

Trade Show Brand Impressions

Emotional Selling – In the last 5 years, emotion has continued to dominate buyer decision making. More than ever, consumers are associating brands with an emotional relationship and are making buying decisions based on that relationship. Promotional products can actually provide practical value to consumers which then associates positive emotion with that brand. They also do not require an interruption or disruption to the recipients media as other advertising does. I mean, who doesn’t hate Pepsi after that 30 second unskippable YouTube ad?

Key To Conversation – Branded Products miss out on much of their value if they are just left to be collected on a table. A primary advantage to this medium is the ability to warmly engage with your prospects in a conversation with a relevant and potentially valuable introduction. Although the investment is small, a simple pen can turn a conversation from an uncomfortable cold pitch to an interactive engagement.

It is clear that the value is there for promotional products. Each industry and event is unique and requires different approaches to be effective, but the value of promotional products in the trade show world is undeniable and should be integrated when possible.

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Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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