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The 3 Reasons Interactive Trade Show Exhibits Are More Effective

trade show display exhibitsThe average company allocates over 31% of its overall marketing budget towards events and exhibits. This money goes to waste, however, because 70% of these companies do not set a specific objective for their exhibit. You don’t want to be average at a trade show; set an objective and increase the likelihood of completing that goal by engaging potential consumers.

The 3 Reasons Why Interactive Trade Show Display Exhibits are More Effective

    1. Eye-catching
      The average U.S. trade show visitor spends approximately nine and a half hours viewing exhibits, and studies have shown that a person will spend only three seconds looking at a display before moving on to the next one if the display does not catch her attention. Booth designs often follow a template, resulting in a room full of nearly identical displays. In a dense and seemingly infinite jungle of trade show display exhibits, one must be particularly striking and noteworthy for a viewer to stop and inquire about the product on display. An interactive exhibit design will attract a crowd of people who are taking turns to participate in whatever activity is offered. As the crowd grows, more and more trade show visitors will wonder what is going on and feel compelled to wander over. Word will quickly spread that a display is offering more than just a visual source of information.


    1. Memorable
      Which is more likely to be remembered several days after the trade show: a booth that displays several graphics and some textual information, or the exhibit that engages the viewer in an activity? Custom exhibits that differ greatly from the rest are going to make an impression. When a person interacts with your exhibit, he is using more than one of his body’s senses, and forming a connection without even realizing it. The viewer becomes a part of the exhibit for just a minute, consequently feeling a sense of ownership and inclusion while simultaneously learning more about your product. Days later, when asked which booths impressed him the most, he is likely to recall your exhibit because it was unique and provided him with a whole experience.


  1. Show Commitment
    It has been calculated that in the U.S., there are 2.2 trade show visitors per 100 square feet of exhibit space. By creating an interactive experience and a custom exhibit design, you are demonstrating a commitment to every single one of them. A well-designed trade show exhibit shows prospective consumers that you and your brand are dedicated to the user experience. You are acknowledging the consumer and catering to her needs. Interactive trade show display exhibits put the customer first, guiding focus away from the brand itself while still actively promoting the brand and making sure it leaves a lasting impression in the viewers’ memories.

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Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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