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The Value Of A Good Trade Show Account Manager

Working with an effective trade show account manager is an integral part of “making or breaking” a client’s exhibit experience. Their role is not solely to set up and coordinate the logistics, but so much more than that. Good account managers build working relationships with their clients, and become true partners that bring their expertise to the table and simplify the client’s experience.

What specifically does it require to be a good trade show account manager? The top three qualities are caring, paying attention to the details, and listening.

Caring:  First and foremost, a trend in all effective account managers is that they genuinely care about their client’s success. Clients trust them to do business with them, and in turn, it’s their job to help them succeed at their events.

Paying attention to the details:  From internal communications to working with outside vendors, account managers hold all of the secrets. It is their job to filter every single piece of information to the appropriate parties – paying attention is key.

Listening:  They hear you! It’s their job as account managers to put the client’s minds at ease and lessen the client’s stress. They know how to make the exhibit experience as seamless as possible, and they listen to the client’s needs and desires and apply their expertise to completely address and alleviate those concerns.

Katelyn McShea

Catalyst Account Manager

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