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Trade Show Designs

  • Zimmer Trade Show Exhibit AAOS by Catalyst Exhibits
  • RSA - RSA Conference 2015
  • St. Jude Trade Show Exhibit HRS 2016

We all have our strengths. You’ve used yours to create a burgeoning business in an industry you know and understand. You are passionate about what you do, and that is clear to see. At Catalyst Exhibits, we are, too. Our team is knowledgeable in the art of creating spectacular trade show booth designs and passionate about helping your company grow.

For a graphic designer, colors, fonts, and pictures are more than what they appear to be. Designers can read images like a foreign language and impress a message upon viewers without the use of a single word.

Your trade show exhibit may describe your brand and your purpose in perfect detail, but without the right design, it is bound to fall flat. A booth with all the information but no design is like a song with no melody, or a comment with no context or body language.

The designers at Catalyst Exhibits know how to speak to your audience in a visual language that will perfectly complement your product. Our team will create a custom trade show exhibit design just for you that can be updated and changed as your company grows and your marketing strategy evolves.

Our designers also specialize in interactive trade show booth designs that serve to connect with your audience on a greater level. Rather than simply show your product or brand to the silent viewer, an interactive trade show exhibit design will engage the potential consumer and provide an experience that evokes feeling and action. Your customer is not just seeing, she is now doing, and that opportunity demonstrates your commitment to the customer experience.

The more you put into a trade show, the more you are likely to get out of it in leads, potential business, and recognition in the marketplace. Without these assets, you cannot be a strong competitor in your industry, nor will you come close to fulfilling your company’s mission.