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Trade Show Exhibit Display


Why Catalyst?

Relevant. Compelling. Memorable.

Catalyst Exhibits: An Overview of Our Custom Trade Show Display Exhibits

We’re extremely proud of the Custom Trade Show Exhibit Displays in our Online Portfolio, but there’s so much more to elite exhibits than meets the eye.

Unfortunately, just because you build it, that doesn’t mean new leads will actually come to your booth. We know that trade show marketing can be overwhelming, but it’s what we do best. The Catalyst Exhibits team can handle every element of your marketing space, from the exhibit structures, graphics, cabinets, furniture, lighting, interactive technology, displays, and more. Our experts will design, construct, and dismantle your new creation under our very own, very large roof. More importantly, we never forget that we aren’t just creating elegant, eye-catching booth designs, but creating an interactive exhibit that will help you convert leads and achieve a higher ROI.

In 2014, B2B Magazine found that events and trade shows were the second fastest-growing area of media spending in North America (behind digital media). And in 2015, Forrester Research reported that in-person trade shows, conferences and events occupied the single largest portion of media budgets last year. In total, U.S. exhibitors alone spend more than $24 billion annually on trade show exhibits displays. Of course, it’s not enough to simply throw money at your exhibit; you have to offer potential customers something worth remembering.

How To Design an Experience…

Whether we’re talking about social media, digital advertising, or conferences, modern marketers are focused on crafting positive experiences for customers. That’s why Catalyst Exhibits designs impactful, experiential marketing spaces. How do we pull this off?

Catalyst Exhibit’s Interactive Design Team fosters personal connections between your brand and your customers with engaging in-person experiences. In these digital times, never underestimate the power of IRL (in real life) experiences that combine digital technologies with face-to-face interactions. This creates stronger memories and emotional bonds between brands and consumers.

Our artists and designers keep us — and you — right on the cutting edge, allowing us to build trade show experiences unlike any other. Moreover, our proprietary system allows your new space to be endlessly customizable from show to show, while our graphic design team ensures your trade show booth designs and branding are consistent across all forms of media.