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Trade Show Marketing: Tips on Successful Advertising


Traditional ways of marketing are still alive, but they are hanging on by a thread. Not too many companies are spending big bucks on newspaper ads anymore. Almost everything is transforming to digital media.

According to the 2014 Marketing Outlook study by B2B Magazine, digital is the largest area of growth in media spending but the second largest is a more traditional form of marketing: events and custom exhibits.

Trade shows are still doing well, and it seems like they are trending upward even with all the digital love out there. Perhaps these events are doing so well because they can be used as a traditional outlet to showcase much less traditional — and even futuristic — digital products.

Companies should not overlook marketing at these events. These custom exhibits allow for cheap advertising that can be seen by thousands of trade show attendants. There are a few things to keep in mind regarding marketing your booth designs for trade shows.

  • Fonts — When planning out your marketing strategies for trade show advertising, it’s important to focus on every aspect of your booth. The fonts that you use can be just as important as the smiles on your employees. They draw people in or subconsciously scare them away.
    • Helvetica and other sans-serif fonts are considered to be the most easily read fonts. The style of your brand’s logo and font will dictate many of your font decisions, but it’s important not to use more than two or three different fonts on your display.
    • Font size matters, too. Typically, adding an inch of height to the font for every foot away your viewers stand is best. If you want people looking at your font from about 10 feet away, adding 10 inches to the font size should help them see it clearly.
  • Graphics — Graphic design marketing is also paramount for your advertising at trade shows and the entire success of your company. Trade show graphics can make or break you.
    • Depending on how many visitors you plan on having at your booth, having three types of graphics should be enough. A long-range graphic, medium-range graphic, and short-range graphic should do the trick.
    • Don’t overdue it with your graphics, either. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 40% of your space empty so the actual images can stand out. Graphics with a lot of clutter can be hard on the eyes for viewers. Keep it simple.

You have a lot of options when deciding your advertising strategies for these custom exhibits. It’s important to plan out every aspect beforehand and don’t overdue it!

Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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