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When It Comes to Trade Shows, Your Booth Location Can Make All the Difference

trade show booth designsThere are approximately 2.2 attendees per 100 square feet of exhibit space at the average U.S. trade show. Trade shows can be crowded, chaotic, and hard to navigate. That is why your booth’s location is so essential to your marketing success. The regular trade show visitor spends around nine and a half hours viewing exhibits, so if yours isn’t easily accessible, it will be easily missed.

The secret to effective trade show booth is about more than having an awesome interactive exhibit design. A good location can have a significant impact on your trade show success. Prime booth locations are high-traffic areas that are not too loud or crowded. Too much congestion will hurt your lead prospects as it may be challenging to hold productive conversations with potential customers. For instance, entrances and exits may see a lot of foot traffic, but they can be crowded and noisy. Trade show attendees may not even notice your booth if it is hidden among the chaos.

Main aisles and corner spaces are ideal places to attract traffic from intersecting aisles, and actually, statistics show that the right side of an aisle (when entering from the main door) is a better location than the left side for showing off trade show booth designs.

If there are seminar rooms, consider a spot along the major route to these rooms as many people will be passing through. You may also want to consider locations near restrooms and food service centers.

If you do end up in a less than ideal location, you better have an exhibit booth design that really stands out and accurately communicates your message. One way to prepare for the possibility of getting stuck in a poor location is to follow this general rule of thumb: trade show booth designs should have graphics that are 40% empty space. While custom exhibits should be eye-catching and informative, it is always a good idea to keep it relatively simple. The last thing you want is for your booth to add to the chaos of an already over-stimulated location.

Jordan Stocker Digital Marketing Manager

Jordan Stocker

Digital Marketing Manager

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