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  • Guerbet RSNA - Inside Right View of the Booth
  • Guerbet RSNA - Outside Back View of the Booth
  • Guerbet RSNA - Counter Inside of the Booth
  • Guerbet RSNA - Small Counter Inside of the Booth

Guerbet – RSNA

  • Location: Chicago
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 40x40 - 50x50

Have a Seat, America

At RSNA 2013, Guerbet planned to enter a groundbreaking new diagnostic and interventional imaging offering into the U.S. market. The exhibit couldn’t simply be a platform for new products; it needed to reflect their mission to provide performance, quality, and sustainable development. The space needed to cater to a host of audiences from around the globe and offer a relaxing environment to conduct business within a physical interpretation of the brand’s movement.

Molecular Design

Guerbets new solution, the Dotarem product, became the physical keystone to the design. Anchoring one corner of the exhibition and modeled in visible scale, the molecule was hung from the exhibit structure as a talking point and sculptural element. The main business floor underneath held various iPad touch points and a back-lit cappuccino bar (always a crowd pleaser). Digital presence was upheld utilizing various sized LED touchscreens displaying a range of Guerbet media.

The exhibit found the happy place between form and function, with striking architectural displays as well as areas ideal for facilitating conversations. The necessity for informal private discussions led to a lofted lounge overlooking the exhibit and the rest of the show hall itself. Two conference rooms and a hallway led from the main floor to a private media area at the back of the design were housed below. An envelope was built to house these different parts in a modern, simple, and forward moving fashion was crafted. Guerbert’s white and wood colots were used throughout to reinforce their marketing efforts.

“It is a dream come true to work with partners like you!” -Ann-Laure DeLassalle,  Communications for Guerbet