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  • Interfaceware RSNA - Corner View of the Booth

    Interfaceware - RSNA

    Integration Made Easy

  • Interfaceware RSNA - Side View of the Booth

Interfaceware – RSNA

  • Location: Chicago
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 20×20 - 30×30


Bridging the Gap

Compatibility is essential for healthcare companies to operate, but as organizations purchase new systems and software, they are often left with incongruities and the painful process of building a bridge between platforms. Interfaceware is that bridge. Their software aligns the old with the new, so they wanted attendees to be aware of both the threats of incompatibility and the advantages of using their software.

We set out to develop an exhibit that signified the value of total compatibility and portrayed their fun, casual culture. Our consistency in Interfaceware branding and messaging solidified them in the minds of attendees, while the flexibility of the layout and approach allowed them to highlight different elements of their software.