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  • Lifenet AAOS - Front Left View of the Booth

    Lifenet - AAOS

    The Right Implant For The Right Procedure

  • Lifenet AAOS - Front Right View of the Booth

Lifenet – AAOS

  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 40x40 - 50x50

How Do I Say This…?

Lifenet had a very unique challenge on their hands. Working in donated tissue, they wanted to avoid sounding morbid or indellicate in their presentation. However, they did want to promote how technically advanced their offerings were. They previously focused on touching patient stories, but the value of their brand was getting lost and doctors had a difficult time sorting through the sentiment to understand the value proposition.

This marketing space took a different approach. The focus was on the value of the product and its scientific advantages. We divided the booth into product categories and directly communicated what Lifenet sold and why doctors should use them as a resource for their patients. Doctors strongly resonated with the new approach and Lifenet saw their ROI climb. The efforts successfully toed the line, conveying value without seeming insensitive, powerfully conveying sentiment and expertise.