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  • Roche AACC - Front Left of the Booth

    Roche - AACC

    Our Focus is on Improving the Lives of our Patients

  • Roche AACC - Front Right of the Booth
  • Roche AACC - Inside Center of the Booth
  • Roche AACC - Desk Area Inside of the Booth
  • Roche AACC - Reception Area Inside of the Booth

Roche – AACC

  • Industry: Healthcare

Bring It All Together

Having been an industry-leader and “big fish” attraction at AACC for many years with multiple exhibits focused on various areas, Roche Diagnostics needed to present itself as a united organization with dozens of products and services all “under one roof”.

Our goals for the show were to organize products accordingly to showcase the existing well-known lines, highlight the newly available lines, and generate excitement about the future of products to come (once they are FDA-approved).

We also set out to demonstrate Roche’s holistic approach to integrating cutting-edge technology services into their customers’ practice (IT solutions, etc).

In a 70×140 booth space, we designated multiple demo areas within the space, all connected visually with a consistent design features on each product demo station and a massive header canopy around the perimeter.

The collaboration process leading up to the show and successes during the show earned us massive kudos from the Roche team, stating that it was the best AACC in history.