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  • RSA - RSA Conference 2015

    RSA - RSA Conference

    See Everything. Fear Nothing.

  • RSA Trade Show Exhibit RSAC 2015 - Inside of the Booth
  • RSA Trade Show Exhibit RSAC 2015 - Back side of the Booth

RSA – RSA Conference

  • Location: San Francisco
  • Industry: ConsumerGamingInformation Technology
  • Size: 40x40 - 50x50

Marketing Space From Outer Space

RSA, The Security Division of EMC had one goal in mind for RSAC 2015 and that was to “REDEFINE” – A common message with the company’s branding. They wanted their booth to push the fact that they are up to a lot more than their vastly popular ‘RSA SecurID’, a product that has been the company’s flagship for many years.


Our creative team took RSA’s current branding and messaging and made it come to life on the trade show floor through graphic images and eye-catching architecture. Sales meetings took place on the upper deck VIP lounge which offered a great view of the show floor and a quiet place to do business. We helped create a virtual reality Oculus Rift video game that would promote RSA’s products and spark deeper conversations throughout the exhibit at hands-on labs and live demo pods.  This was a true highlight and standout of RSA Conference 2015.

RSA Exhibit RSA, San Francisco Catalyst Exhibits Padgett and Company Job#3881

Our partner really knocked it out of the park with this virtual reality game. We can’t know exactly what it would look and feel like to be inside a network, but I think we got it pretty close our game. It had a very dark, digital feeling to it. In the game, users are a member of RSA’s Incident Response Team, and it’s their job to protect and secure the network from vicious malware and phishing attacks. The virtual reality experience was developed to communicate RSA’s service and value proposition through game mechanics and nuanced themes. This part of the exhibit had an eager line of attendees waiting to give it a try the entire show, and the objective to redefine RSA’s image was accomplished. Watch a trailer for the game in the video below.

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