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  • Andrew Trade Show Exhibit CTIA 2009 - Front Ride Side of the Booth
  • Andrew Trade Show Exhibit CTIA 2009 - Front Right Side of the Booth
  • Andrew Trade Show Exhibit CTIA 2009 - Conference Room
  • Andrew Trade Show Exhibit CTIA 2009 - Outside of the Conference Room

Andrew – CTIA

  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Size: 40x40 - 50x50

Age Old Tools on a New Shelf

At CTIA, Andrew decided to take a departure from the traditional hardware store display of product and technology for exhibits. Instead, they launched a solution based, interactive approach that demonstrated how Andrew products work together to provide solutions to scalable wireless technology problems. Custom interactive kiosks allowed visitors to easily identify and solve problems they may have and drill down to the entire catalog of Andrew products available for meeting those very needs. A primary interactive game provided a draw to the exhibit space allowing visitors to compete with each other and the opportunity to win a key product every day of the show.

In addition to the upper-level meeting spaces, a modern lounge setting allowed visitors to interact with salespeople in a relaxed and welcoming semi-private atmosphere. The exhibit structure provides a unique mix of custom and purchased elements, allowing Andrew to participate in 10’ x 20’ to 50’ x 50’ configurations.