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  • Siemens AACC - Front Right of the Booth

    Siemens - AACC

    Test Smarter - Run Faster

  • Siemens AACC - Inside Left of the Booth
  • Siemens AACC - Seating Area Inside of the Booth
  • Siemens AACC - Walking Area Inside of the Booth

Siemens – AACC

  • Location: Chicago
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 80×80 & Larger

Immersive Sales

At the AACC exhibit, we brought Siemens’s products to life for attendees so they could see exactly how it would function once implemented. The exhibit, like the product being featured, was a picture of seamless integration.

The AACC audience felt ‘right at work’ in the clinical vignettes, which formed a canvas for Siemens’ diagnostic products. Diagonal pathways and matching canopies overhead pulled attendees into each environment, showing visitors exactly how Siemens’ products could be seamlessly integrated into their clinical environment. Sweeping headers and thoughtful theatrical-style lighting enveloped the content of the space – pushing the Siemens’ brand to the four corners of the exhibit.