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  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit Astro '15 - Front Left Side of the Booth

    Siemens - ASTRO '15

    Imaging Solutions that empower Radiation Therapy

  • Siemens Astro '15 - Front Right Side of the Booth
  • Siemens Astro '15 - Left Side of the Booth
  • Siemens Astro '15 - Right Side of the Booth

Siemens ASTRO

  • Location: San Antonio
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 60×60 - 70×70

Draw Them In

The Siemens ASTRO exhibit is a study in focus and energy. The main structure tapers in as it draws your eye back. This use of forced perspective gives the featured product zone a voluminous appearance in a smaller space. It also serves as the vehicle for the Siemens logos. The logos are placed thoughtfully along all main aisles and viewing angles.

The secondary wood structure visually intersects the main architecture and frames out the presentation area. Seated attendees thus get a clear view of the giant LED screen as well as demos of all three products.

This open and inviting environment allows attendees to view the central product and demonstration zone from all sides and angles.

A quiet business zone houses casual seating with a touch screen demo to enhance attendee interaction with the exhibit.

Glowing clear acrylic frames, accents of wood on vertical and horizontal surfaces, and a well-lit glossy white platform all draw the eyes inward to create a unique, impactful, welcoming space.