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  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit HIMSS - Front and Center of the Booth

    Siemens - HIMSS

    Connecting people to connect care.

  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit HIMSS - Back Center of the Booth

    Siemens - HIMSS

Siemens – HIMSS

  • Location: Chicago
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 40x40 - 50x50

iLike That Interactive Wall

The Siemens HIMSS design was conceived as a unified 2-zone design: first the product arena and second the business center. The twin curved headers above the space serve as the adhesive, integrating both zones. The curved carpet inlay funneled attendees between the 2 areas, driving traffic where Siemen needed it to go.

Product ArenaInternally lit numbered squares located in the upper right corner of each product panel created easy navigation between product areas. This attention to the attendee experience kept people engaged and at Siemen’s exhibit for longer.

By creating a giant wall of iPads and stationing two presenters at its base, Siemens drew attendees in with a story. Piece by piece, the presenters unfolded the value of Siemens, using the responsive iPads to build upon each other, each tablet reacting to their prompts. As the wall was constructed, an iPad’s individual content would then contribute to the dynamically presented aggregate. The sum of these parts fashioned one enrapturing whole.

Business Center: Once attendees were drawn in by the presentation, they trickled down to a quiet business center, where they were greeted by a reception desk and central lounge. Curved, translucent canopies added clear-cut intimacy to the space, fostering productive discussions between attendees and representatives.

The various private rooms were uniquely created to house demonstrations, conferencing, and storage. The entire exterior was wrapped in meaningfully branded graphics.

Sizzle Award

We were awarded the Sizzle Award by Exhibitor Magazine for the creative use of interactive technology in the wall of iPads used in the product presentation.