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  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit RSNA 2015 - Front Side of the Booth


  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit RSNA 2015 - Corner view of Booth
  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit RSNA 2015 - Side view of Booth
  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit RSNA 2015 - Welcome Sign
  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit RSNA 2015 - Side view of the booth
  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit RSNA 2015 - View of Monitors
  • Siemens Trade Show Exhibit RSNA 2015 - View of the entire booth

Siemens – RSNA

  • Location: Chicago
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 60×60 - 70×70

The Tech Social Club

Siemens healthcare diagnostic products can “talk” to each other, share information, harvest and collate results, then share them with medical staff. This is part of a unique diagnostic ecosystem that can also incorporate information from other systems. Siemens wanted to visually demonstrate this advantage for its customers and potential clients at RSNA.

This was achieved using a special lighting effect on the front edge of a canopy that stretch the length of the space. “Data dashes” of white light atop a blue backdrop moved across product categories, and culminated into and out of a “Team Play” wall that dynamically described the Siemens integration story.

Another directive – keep all new and main products out front in an area Catalyst calls the “launch pad”. Defined by a clean, well lit, gloss white raised floor, all the “hero” pieces were showcased at the main 270 foot aisle – creating a focused product landscape that was undeniable.

Open sight lines and easy navigation were achieved by:

  1. 1) Hanging the entire Siemens brand header. The header was separated into 2 halves, angled, and juxtaposed to maximize visibility and architectural impact.
  2. 2) Hanging and backlit navigation signs clearly pointed the way as you walked down the main aisle. Unencumbered by any floor-standing elements, these signs helped keep the booth open and inviting.


The business end of the booth was positioned in the center of the space, under a canopy that stretch its entire length. The canopy chased away from the demonstration monitors, and the soft lighting effects projected onto it produced visual interest and energized this zone.

The welcome area was thoughtfully located away from the hustle and bustle of the launch pad area while still making it a convenient space meet, greet, and fulfill appointments.

Customized rental properties, Siemens owned properties, and newly created properties were all fused into an integrated, harmonious space that made the most impactful use of Siemens’ budget.