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  • Wargaming - E3

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  • Wargaming Trade Show Exhibit E3 - Front Right of the Booth
  • Wargaming Trade Show Exhibit E3 - Front Left of the Booth
  • Wargaming Trade Show Exhibit E3 - Left Side of the Booth
  • Wargaming Trade Show Exhibit E3 - Left Inside of the Booth
  • Wargaming Trade Show Exhibit E3 - Sit Down Area Inside of the Booth

Wargaming – E3

  • Industry: Gaming

The Orders:

The E3 show is different from others because the visual and noise interference from neighboring booths makes it difficult to get your message across. The volume of attendees means that your floor space must be kept open, inviting, and void of too many walls. We were tasked with creating an environment that captured gamer’s attention above the competitor’s noise, and drove demand over other titles.

The Strategy:

The booth is a combination of a live theater with a stage and a presenter who rallied the visitors using the trailers for the three titles and giveaways. There is also a private VIP theater showcasing World of Warplanes (because the game was still in development). There were three separate gaming zones designed into the sweeping curved architecture. One gaming area showcased the introduction of World of Tanks on the XBOX 360. The back of the booth is a two story business center with nine private meeting rooms including a executive conference room reserved for the CEO of The lower back section housed a storage room, AV room, and a staff room. The theater visuals were a combination of projected imagery and the center screen was a LED screen that worked in conjunction with the side visuals. The exhibit featured a 2/3 scale model of a P51 Mustang fighter plane suspended at the end of the cantilevered projection screen. Using projection mapping the plane gets hit with enemy fire during the trailer for World of Warplanes.

The design evolved from the brand. It is a 3-dimensional expression of the epic world of the different game titles. Like the brand, the architecture is modern yet the finishes are historic, inspired by dark metal armor surfaces. The sweeping architectural forms represent the energy, the danger, and the immediacy of game play. The curved projection screens sweep overhead like attacking fighter planes. Enormous metal arms capture the attendees inside the epic battles projected overhead.

The Battle:

The projected visuals, surround sound, and cantilevered architecture conspires to transport the visitor into the field of battle, they are drawn into the heart of the universe. Visuals projected 270 degrees around the gamers are accompanied by a sound system that reverberates inside the structure. On first approach they were in awe of the sheer scale of the game trailers projected on the structure. Gaming zones embedded into the curves allowed gamers to get hands on with their favorite title. VIP’s were secreted away to a private domed theater to see the World of Warships demo, or to the two-story structure in the rear of the exhibit, complete with a private lounge and meeting rooms.