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  • Zimmer AAOS - Inside Right of the Booth

    Zimmer - AAOS

  • Zimmer AAOS - Inside Middle of the Booth
  • Zimmer AAOS - Inside Left of the Booth

Zimmer – AAOS

  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 80×80 & Larger

Illuminating Product Quality

In case Zimmer wasn’t already the destination booth for attendees, the giant blue “Z” floating in the sky ensured traffic from even the most unaware attendee.

Zimmer displayed their industry leading products in mobile shelving units for attendees to physically test and evaluate the product. The shelving units were lined with blue LED lighting to create a futuristic atmosphere that very accurately fit Zimmer’s highly advanced products.

Suspended signs labeling each section of Zimmer’s enormous exhibit helped attendees quickly find the product they were looking for, and created a great vertical dimension for the booth.